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Waveney Shooting Club

Brock Road, North Cove, Beccles. NR34 7PJ



Some of our young members who have had notable achievements last year and this year.

Lee presenting Andrea with a medal for two consecutive 98s with a .357 magnum rifle and consistently good shooting


Tony applauding Kamie after presenting her a medal on her first selection for Great Britain


Former Great Britain shooter Andy presenting Harry for a 44 and 2 x 40s one handed pistol


Harry being presented with a medal for an impeccable 44 shooting airpistol


Young Ben Raynham being presented with a medal by Tony for an excellent rifle target

(it was a possible) Ben is too young to have his own rifle but big brother Jack is very kind to him and always lends Ben his rifle. Very well done Ben

Mrs Gallagher Sports Director of St Felix School presenting Jack with a medal for shooting a very unlucky 41. The other students who are applauding will soon be catching up.

Dad Presenting Harry with a medal for shooting an excellent 42

Harry holding his medal for having got all five shots in the black with an air pistol

Albert presenting Harry with another medal for shooting the brilliant target below Not bad for a lad who only shoots 5 shots per week one handed!!


Kamie for having come second in a competition she had never shot before and for shooting a personal best of 47 with a pistol.

Andrea who shot two consecutive 99s with a .22 firearm rifle. Incredible

John Denham presenting Henry with a medal for shooting a 41 with a pistol (shot one handed )

Eoin having been presentend with a medal by Lionel for a consistently high standard of shooting and safety

I think the lad was quite pleased!!!

Ben with a medal and target (possible 100) Only the second time Ben had shot his Brothers .22 rimfire

Harry with a medal for shooting a 42 one handed with the club air pistol. Harry followed this up with a 40. A superb achievement.