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Waveney Shooting Club

Brock Road, North Cove, Beccles. NR34 7PJ




The britsh association of shooting and conservation have a page where you can find the canditate in your area and email him or her to ask whether he or she supports shooting.

Here is the link.


In the Waveney constituancy our sitting M.P. Mr Peter Aldous is shown as being supportive.

So I emailed the other two

Mr Graham Elliot (Green Party) replied but was neutral (somes aspects were ok as long as nothing was hunted and killed.) But at least he has his own views

Mr Bob Blizzard ( Labour ) finally replied, and again is ok with target shooting but not shooting animals.

One presumes the above two are vegans.

Also having no objections to and being supportive of shooting are worlds apart.

We urge all of you to follow the link and email the candidates.

Maybe when they discover how important the issue is they will listen.