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Waveney Shooting Club


Brock Road, North Cove, Beccles. NR34 7PJ



Below are pictures of visits by local Women's Institute members and, a few days later by Mr. Peter Aldous MP. Both visits were a resounding success.

On the 21st March, we were very pleased to entertain ladies from Women's Institutes from the local area below are some of the pictures taken on the day.

I am grateful for permission to publish the photographs on the website. They all said that they thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

Thanks to Lee Andy Paddy Paul Steve and James for givimg up their time to ensures that the ladies were able to shoot safely.

Thanks also to the ladies for producing some lovely cakes, making the tea and (even more importantly) washing up afterwards.

The ladies proudly showing of their targets.

I suppose there is a bit of the cowgirl in all of us. Note the range officrs standing in the safest place.

Spare a thought for the photographer.

The great grandmothers of the ladies (who first attended in 1903) You can see the family resemblance of the range officers too !!

Following the successful visit of the W.I. on the 26th March we were pleased to welcome Mr Peter Aldous M.P. to the club. Although Mr Aldous was at the start of a, no doubt, ardous election campaign we were extremely grateful that he was willing to spend over 2 hours with us offering advice and listening to our concerns. Mr Aldous has been extremely supportive of our England shooters Andy and Eddie Graver over many years and we thank him for this. Under close supervision Mr Aldous shot a .357magnum and .44 magnum and a .44 black powder revolver and although he claimed to be a poor shot he aquitted himself very well indeed. Mr Aldous was given an open invitation to visit us again wished very good luck in the forthcoming election campaign.



Being supervised by Andy Graver whilst shooting a .44 magnum Marlin rifle

Waveney Shooting Club welcomed another vist from various Womens Institutes in the local area on April 29th 2017.

The standard of shooting was extremely high with a number of scores over 95, three or four 98s and three impeccable possibles, all three from one lady who had never shot before in her life.

The ladies shot air rifles at various distances, .22 rimfire rifles, .357 magnum rifles and the seesion endend with each lady shooting a black powder revolver or a muzzle loading revolver.

The ladies were supervised during shooting on a one to one basis by Waveney's range supervisors who also helped to remove a number cakes from the club room. As always the cakes and tea were delicious

Below are some of the ladies proudly holding their lovely targets.