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Westleton Dates


Waveney Shooting Club

Brock Road, North Cove, Beccles. NR34 7PJ


The pictures are deliberately small to protect the ugly


Joe our esteemed Chairman and Treasurer


Lionel and Nat. Nat is already a better shot than his dad, and better looking.


Andy a fine shot and an excellent club member. Andy has put in many hours of work to improve the range


Eddie British Junior Pistol Champion 2012

Another Eddie, one of the club's best air rifle shots and an excellent coach.


Nobby aka The bandit Age 66, born London but left in1988 for the wide open spaces of Suffolk. Into a second marriage(this one is lasting), 3 grown up children,and 7 grand children, 2 step sons and 4 step grand children. Obviously first hobby is shooting,second is fishing,others come and go but these last. Always been known as Nobby and my profile name is The Bandit, after my late and well loved Alsatian

Tony, the Secretary. Mirror mirror on the wall....


Charlotte only recently taken up the sport but very keen and improving all the time..

Paul, another fine field target shot and excellent coach.




David, sighting in his rifle