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Waveney Shooting Club


Brock Road, North Cove, Beccles. NR34 7PJ



The 30M range after partial redecoration, set up for firearms shooting. The targets shown are suitable for .22 rimfire and also centre fire at a range of 20 yards

All other targets except the paper targets hanging at 20 yds are placed in the bullet catcher which is made from 12.5mm steel, reinforced across the centre with a further 12.5mm strip

The same range setup for Olympic Rapid Fire Pistol with the turning targets in the bullet catcher. This discipline has been part of the modern olympic games since its inception and is one of the severest tests of the pistol shooter's ability

After the ban on pistols our England team members, Andy and his son Eddie, have to practice this discipline either with air pistols or they have to go to Switzerland to shoot it with firearms.

The 10M Air Weapon Range now refurbished .Up to 4 xhooters can be accomodated at a push

The 50 yard outdoor range only lightly used at the moment. In 2012 we hope to have a covered firing point.




The 50 yard indoor range runs the entire lenngth of the shed and can accomodate 2 or possibly 3 shooters. Metal field targets are placed at exact measured distances to facilitate easy sighting in of rifles.


The Range before refurbishment

and after refurbishment (you are doing a really good job Chris)