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Suffolk and Norfolk County websites

Waveney Shooting Club

Brock Road, North Cove, Beccles Suffolk NR34 7PJ


 If, like me and many people, you judge an organisation by its website then these two websites and the respective organisations could not be more contrasting

Suffolk County Rifle association Small Bore Section


Norfolk County Rifle Association


I have had no dealings with Norfolk but have a very low opinion of many, but not all, of the officers of Suffolk small bore section. Their postal competitions were poorly run in the recent past and they seem to have no desire to improve. For this reason Waveney will not affiliate to Suffolk and we are unable to affiliate to Norfolk because of our location. Interestingly, Felixstowe has a link on Norfolk's website so why not on Suffolk's? Also Suffolk has no range of its own to my knowledge. I could offer Waveney's outdoor air rifle range for prone air rifle shooting but I would need time to dig out the holes. I am publishing this to try to shame them into improving their website which I think you will agree is pretty inadequate as it tells the surfer nothing about the organisation, but I suspect that they will bury their heads even deeper in the sand.

Compare this with Norfolk's which is pretty good in my opinion.

Click on the links above and make up your own mind.

Below are a couple of communications with an officer of the small bore section with the names withheld. The invective referred to was me saying that one officer was even more stupid than I thought. I thinks my correspondent's pomposity (if not stupidity is self evident)

Hi Tony,   xxxx (name withheld) has forwarded me your e-mail re the Affiliation Form that was sent to your scorer and since it is unlikely that any response from xxxx (name withheld) would be welcomed or found acceptable to you he has asked me to explain.   You have in the past intimated that any communication from xxxx (name withheld) would be “filtered straight into my junk box” (your e-mail of 20 Dec 2013 refers).  The form sent to your scorer was for the use of your members who are also individual members of the SCRA Small-Bore Section and shoot in the air weapon competitions.  The form is the same for all classes of membership.  Since you are unwilling to act as a contact we needed someone to represent those members of your club.   You have made it abundantly clear that you have no wish for Waveney to affiliate and we accept this but we would hope for you to support the Individual SCRA Small-Bore Section members of your Club in their endeavours   I also note your issues with the SCRA website and would like to point out that we are not the whole SCRA, just the Small-Bore Section, our remit is with .22 prone shooting and air weapons only, according to your website you are affiliated to the SCRA via SCRAPS so why not talk to them?   As you are not Affiliated to the Small-bore Section you cannot expect to have any influence over the way that we run our affairs, we do not criticise the way that  you run your club so please do not attempt to tell us how to organise our affairs and please keep any future communications free from invective and personal insults.


My reply

  I do not expect to have any influence over the scra, I merely make judgements about how it run its affairs based on my communications with its officers. I also make judgement about those same officers. I stated in my email "If any of our shooters wish to enter any of your badly run competitions I will facilitate it by encouraging them to join as individual members but that is as far as I will go". so what part of that sentence do you not understand ? for you to say that you hope I will support the Individual SCRA Small-Bore Section members of our Club in their endeavours I am not aware that SCRAPS has a website but having dealt with that body for over 30 years I know that they have always had extremely competent county scorers Unfortunately yyyy (name withheld)is not or was not when I dealt with him. xxxx (name withheld) of course defends yyyy (name withheld)and now you defend xxxx (name withheld) That says it all really